Sunday, October 26, 2008

army wives, the show

so when lifetime started the series 'army wives,' i must admit, i was over the moon! so thrilled to have a show i thought i would be able to relate to. but of recently, it's become more of a screaming session with the tv then an enjoyable escape.

see, i have no problem with the fact that it's a drama and drama brings viewers. duh! and maybe it's the fact that i must live a very boring army life, but i can't find much to relate to anymore.

from the cheating spouses (yes, it seems that the sherwoods should just cut their losses and move on, heck they have already in the bedroom), which yes does happen, but it's not uniquely army. and the thought that the general/ base commander's wife is best buds with a specialist's wife/ hump (jody) bar owner, which i have no problem with this, but come on. i want to know at what base this is happening. and i must say, my husband wears the rank, not me, so the whole 'no fraternization within the ranks' rule shouldn't and doesn't apply to me, but still.

i must say though, i do from time to time find something to relate to. i know how it feels to finally have your life as the army brat finally all fall in place and then have that talk with dad. it's crushing to have to leave your friends behind and suddenly pick up your whole life again. but, with technology as it is today, it's a lot better then it was 10 years ago. and i can relate unfortunately to the emotions and actions of burying a friend's husband. it's not something i ever wanted to experience again and one i hope you never have to.

so, yes, it's just a tv show. but this show is what many build their ideas of an 'army wife' on and then assume that i simply fit the character bill of one of the four wives. well, i don't. and to be honest, i have yet to find anyone who does. i see a little of this friend or that friend in each of the characters, but i can't say that my friend from ft. campbell is like roxy, and the ltc's wife is like claudia joy and that i've made friends with anyone who comes even close to denise's extracurricular activities.

so, i guess it's like doctors watching er or police watching nypd blue or even athletes' wives watching bbc's footballers' wives. but still, i don't want anyone to confuse me for a tv drama character. when you look me up, you'll see me, not some stereotype. and that runs true for nearly every military spouse.