Monday, January 17, 2011

so drained and it has even been a 100 days

we're riding the deployment roller coaster again and to be honest, it's true, it never.ever.gets easier.

we're not a 100 days in yet, getting close though, and already i feel drained and completely over this whole deployment. sure i have a 3 year old to tame and am baking a bun and am a homeowner this time around. and yes we just spent the last 10 weeks traveling. but honestly, i'm over it all.

i'm over being strong. i'm over being supportive (not of hubby because he is my hero i'll carry him to the end of the earth). i'm over being understanding how this may be hard for this person or that person. i'm over cooking for lil man and myself (i hate leftovers). i'm over being organized and getting care packages out in time for each holiday (yes, i bought moon pies today for the mardi gras package). i'm just flat out over it.

and i know God is actually the one carrying me and i'm being selfish, but i feel like i'm at this alone. and i know i'm not. but still. tomorrow is another day and another 24hrs to fill to the brim and trust God i'm doing the best i can.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

project: pay it forward

so rather than another 'perfect list,' this year i want to do something to help others. i want to do something each month to help someone else, pay it forward, because we are fortunate to be able to financially do so. so each month i want to take $50 from our spending/ allowance money and do something for someone else. here's my list so far:

grocery giftcard
pay on someone else's utilities
mani/pedi giftcard with childcare
donate a mops (mothers of preschoolers) scholarship
dinner/date giftcard with childcare

i know there are a billion other things i can do. i'm so excited! i figure there are even things i can do without spending a dime, that i want to do as rak (random acts of kindness) and even things our lil man can do. i figure this will be our year of paying it forward.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

new year, new adventures

hello new year! and that means only one thing, new adventures (and challenges). looking at remaining 51 weeks left in this year, can i tell you we definitely have some adventures ahead of us:
*wrapping up our 10 long weeks of traveling and finally getting back home
*cleaning out the kitchen and making sure 'eating healthy' is actually do-able
*work on the nursery... umm... less than 12 weeks and baby 2.2 will be here!
*face another birthday (and i'm actually stoked to just get to 30, though that's another year away)
*convince baby 2.2 that he needs to stay put until daddy gets home
*bring baby 2.2 and the hubby home and be a happy little family for a few days before r&r fades away and we begin the countdown to homecoming
*figure out how to raise two boys while daddy is across the world
*maintain a home, as the homeowner (praying that nothing breaks or needs major repair)
*plan homecoming!
*plan the holidays, together

and those are just the highlights. and to be honest, that list is nothing but short of overflowing with blessings and i know there are a bunch more in store for us this year!