Sunday, January 9, 2011

new year, new adventures

hello new year! and that means only one thing, new adventures (and challenges). looking at remaining 51 weeks left in this year, can i tell you we definitely have some adventures ahead of us:
*wrapping up our 10 long weeks of traveling and finally getting back home
*cleaning out the kitchen and making sure 'eating healthy' is actually do-able
*work on the nursery... umm... less than 12 weeks and baby 2.2 will be here!
*face another birthday (and i'm actually stoked to just get to 30, though that's another year away)
*convince baby 2.2 that he needs to stay put until daddy gets home
*bring baby 2.2 and the hubby home and be a happy little family for a few days before r&r fades away and we begin the countdown to homecoming
*figure out how to raise two boys while daddy is across the world
*maintain a home, as the homeowner (praying that nothing breaks or needs major repair)
*plan homecoming!
*plan the holidays, together

and those are just the highlights. and to be honest, that list is nothing but short of overflowing with blessings and i know there are a bunch more in store for us this year!