Monday, October 27, 2008

the things you'll do

so with halloween fast approaching, the mommy in me is super excited to dress our little man for his first real halloween. yes, he was around last halloween, but much for dressing up (plus, he was too cute, and still is, for a costume at 2 weeks old). but of course no store-bought costume would be good enough for our little man. nope, mommy has to make his costume. here starts years of home-made costumes.

this year is simple. since aaron is superman (not just any hero, but superman), cayman would naturally be superbaby! and that leaves me as louise lane. which is fine by me. since aaron can't be home to attend the fall festivals and playgroup parties with us this year, we settled for a few webcam pictures of him in his sueprman shirt (i love the one of him ripping off his jacket like clark kent does as he becomes superman). but a superman t-shirt wouldn't do for cayman.

no, no. he'll be wearing superbear's cape (aaron made me a build-a-bear when he deployed to afghansitan in 2006). red shorts we bought at walmart (yes, i actually bought stuff at walmart, but it's because it was cheaper than target and we're on an one-income budget). red socks that he got for his birthday (it's a korean thing to give socks and underwear as gifts). and his very own made-with-mommy-love dyed and ironed-on long sleeve superbaby shirt as well as his dyed tights (yes, my son, my all boy son will be wearing tights). oh and to top it off, ,his black converse all-stars.

but that's just halloween. our local children's museum is having an ancestor and heroes day in november. and of course we could wear our well-woren out t-shirt i made six months ago (can you believe it's already been six months since marcus left us for a better place) in honor of sgt. marcus mathes, a hero taken home early so he could watch over us and aaron. it's an awesome shirt with the faded combat boots as the background and inscribed with: some heroes wear capes, but my heroes wear boots. nah, for this day i feel something crafty coming on. i figure i'll start on it after halloween passes and the sugar rush wears off.

oh, and costumes and custom shirts isn't the end of the things i do for my guys. nope, all invites, thank you notes, postcards and even christmas cards are made with mommy love. it's the things you'll do to make them special, especially when you know life isn't always easy for them.