Saturday, January 3, 2009

it all may be coming to an end, or at least put on hold

so i got the call, well actually texts, this morning at 5am! who in their right mind wakes up a mother of a toddler and the wife of a deployed soldier? oh, her husband does to tell her that he's coming home, soon, very soon!

and so, i wanted to give you all a fair heads up and let you know that i am not neglecting y'all. hopefully after tomorrow night i will no longer sleep in our bed alone! hopefully after tomorrow, my evenings will be packed with cuddling, snuggling, back rubs, and so on. so, i must say, this is all coming to an end, well rather, i'm putting y'all on hold, for a while. but i will check back from time-to-time.

so, with that, i must confess and tell you how hard it is to watch everyone else's soldier come home and know that it's still days until yours come home. but, i have found that being able to carefreely prepare for aaron's homecoming has been rather nice. cayman and i made our big grocery shopping trip already. we had the car washed. we hung up the yellow ribbons (follow the yellow ribbon home). the bed sheets have been washed. the towels are in the dryer. all that's left is one last good cleaning of the house and the inside of the car, cayman's homecoming shirt and to make the carrot cake. oh and hang out our 'welcome home' banner. not too much for the last 30 something hours! it's all in the game of keeping busy!

thank you avid readers for all your support and prayers! hopefully i'll have some awesome homecoming pictures to post, soon, very soon!

ps, i love you


Tyler said...

Oh I'm so excited for you! I hope he makes it home safely and you get your snuggles on asap! I'm sure you are so excited you don't know what to do with yourself! Take care and give him an extra hug for me since I can't hug my hubby. I look forward to pics and living vicariously through you!

The Fishers said...

YAY! How exciting! We will be (not too) anxiously awaiting homecoming pictures!