Monday, January 12, 2009

reintegration: week one: complete

so it's been a week since aaron made his way physically back into our everyday routine. it's been great to fall asleep at night next to him and wake up next to him every morning (morning breath and all). and despite the fact that cayman has regressed and now refuses to eat in his highchair when aaron eats at the table with us (now i feed cayman prior to us eating and cayman just sits at the table and nibbles on what's left of his dinner), things are going well.

the first night home cayman let aaron give him his bedtime bath and from then on, that's been aaron's job each night. we both get cayman ready for bed, dad reads a story and then it's off to sleep (week two is filled with night weaning).

as far as the daytime, aaron has commented many times how amazed he is at all the things i do from the time cayman gets up until i myself hit the bed. he's commented several times that he's exhausted and needs a nap just to keep up! ha!

it has left me feeling slightly jealous. not of aaron's exact situation this past year, i wouldn't wish a warzone on anyone. but, the week prior to his return, aaron was stuck at the airport, nothing to do but make his own schedule. grant it, he had to sleep in a giant tent on a cot, but he was able to come and go as he pleased, sleep when and as long as he wanted. and of that, i'm jealous.

i think he's sensed that i'm getting tired from doubling my homewife workload, i'm no longer just taking care of our toddler, but helping my husband reintegrate to everyday life and making sure the things he needs are ready when he needs them. so, my hero spoiled me and made dinner the other night! and he cleans the kitchen after dinner. they're little things, but my jerry is showing his inner jerry (see previous post)!

but, as on overall, i must say, week one has gone way better then i could ever have imagined! definitely a blessing from God!

ps, i love you!


The Fishers said...

Looks like he has assimilated back to husband and father very well! I am glad you guys are complete and having such a blast together. Have fun!