Thursday, July 9, 2009

half way there

so we're laying in the bed at the condo over the weekend up here in phoenix. and after a long, but amazing day at the grand canyon (if you haven't seen the pics yet on facebook, you're missing out) aaron rolls over (but ever so carefully not to smooch cayman who was laying between us) and says, 'what's today? the 5th, right? it's been six months since i came home.' and then, in the midst of enjoying our time i had a feeling of dread again. we're half way through our year's dwell time.

we'll know a little more about when and where we will be spending the rest of our dwell time soon. we do know, depending on aaron's assignment, we could be packing his duffel bags again sometime next year. but, we knew this and it's part of our life. but it's hard to imagine, how could this time go by so fast? where did the time go? is there anyway to slow time down, just a little? but, i know i have the strength and the support i need to make it through the next deployments.