Monday, June 1, 2009

not knowing is okay with me

so i've had this crazy numbness in my right arm for sometime now. since lil man got sick and we were already heading up for his appointment, i made myself an appointment to have my arm checked out. after both of our appointments i walked away with no answers really to either of our situations. side note, lil man is on a starch and pedilyte diet with a follow up appointment in two days. as far as myself, i'm okay with not having a definite answer of what the cause of the problem may be. i do know what isn't causing the numbness (blood pressure, heart issues, pinched nerve, and few other things). knowing that some things, the big things, have been ruled out, i'm okay with 'just dealing' as opposed to becoming a genie pig and still ending right back at 'no answer.'

it's kinda that way with a lot of things in life. not knowing when aaron will deploy again makes me enjoy the here and now. and i know i've got at least 7 more months of him home. and, it's part of our life and his job. not knowing where we'll be moving come september is okay with me too. for some the thought of being somewhere for possibly just 5 months means living in a house of boxes, but for me, i've unpacked everything and made this house our home, for the next 5 months at least. and i'm okay with not knowing, for now, where we'll be after september 9th.

not knowing a lot of things is okay with me. the biggest reason, i put my trust in God. he's always steered me in the right direction. and well, he's got a pretty good track record for making things work out just fine.


Tyler Lynne said...

First off, I hope your arm is a ok! Second, it would be pretty awesome if you PCS'd to Ft. Drum! We could be buddies!