Friday, September 4, 2009

happy jackie on happy jack drive

so i know, and you know, life gets crazy, your plate gets full and suddenly it's a month later and the world out there has no clue where you've been or what's happened. well, i'm here, i've been busy, but i'm back! so much has happened in the last month (no baby though, lots of practice, but no baby made, yet). when God blesses you, you better have your cup ready and a backup near by!

we've received our official orders and are plans to become the newest family to move to ft. carson come the end of the month. for a while it looked as if aaron would be assigned to a unit leaving in early 2010, but for now, it looks like he'll be the new s-2 of division! no official timeline yet as far as deployments, but later looks better then sooner.

and since we'll be enjoying the mountain views and cooler weather, we figured we may as well have somewhere to call 'home.' so, lil man and i spent last week working with an awesome realtor (thanks usaa!) and looked at what seemed like a million houses. when aaron flew up for the weekend we looked at just the top 5 and picked one to make ours. well, as much as you would hope that everyone in this world would be as honest and trustworthy as yourself, the seller wasn't very forthcoming about the mysterious structural damage. so, sunday we were back to square one and a tight deadline (aaron flew back down sunday evening). well, in a matter of a few hours we found our second #1. happy jack drive is home to a cute little 2-story with a fully finished basement. and come the end of the month, we'll be making it our home!

that's the skinny on the recent passed weeks. more to come though from my trip to nashville for my bestest's wedding and lil man and mine's visit with the family back east. stay tuned. oh how i've missed y'all!

ps, i love you! even if you won't let me paint our bedroom pink


Tyler said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I'm proud to say that I have tracked my eats ALL day! That's really impressive for a Friday (at least in my world). Congrats on the new casa! That is SO exciting! I can't wait to be a home owner some day! I can't wait to see pics either! Enjoy your weekend!

Jennifer said...

Sorry I haven't been in touch lately... things have been crazy around here as I adjust to life with 2.

Congrats on the new house. Your real estate hunt reports exhausted me so I am glad you found something to suit your family. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures.

And I know this is moving week so good luck there too. You are a veteran mover by now so I am sure it will go smoothly.

Enjoy the cooler weather for me!