Thursday, November 6, 2008

mountains and valleys

so i was reading another military wife's blog and it got me thinking, how easily do we let our faith, our trust in God take second place to life, to the good times, to the moments we get caught up in when things are going so well...

so many times we find ourselves clinching to our faith, our trust in God, His word when we find ourselves in a valley, in a dark moment, tested and in a mess. but how easily we forget about Him when we find ourselves up on the mountain, warm sunshine shining down on us, tears of joy flowing from our eyes.

of course this can be applied to anyone's life, but i find myself falling victim to this especially when it comes to deployments. the orders come and find myself start tightening my hold to God's word. as the deployment date comes and goes and the month go by, it seems that i'm hanging on God's every word, clinching so tightly to all my faith and trust in God, praying He'll protect my soldier. as the mail stop date approaches and we start making homecoming banners, it seems that our grip is loosened and as our soldier returns, we return to being on the mountain, praising God at first, but quickly becoming wrapped up in the celebration, the happy tears, the sunshine on our face.

i pray this time, as we continue through this deployment and as our mail stop date approaches and we start making our homecoming banners and the day comes to throw my arms around aaron's neck finally again, that i don't loosen my grip on God, but that i continue to cling to Him with all my might. for He has gotten me this far, and i know He'll carry me all the way home.

i love you daddy! muah! kisses for you!


Jess said...

This is completely what I meant in my Life Takes Over's so easy to be distracted by the joy in our lives.

But you know what, the devil himself is always bringing another valley to test our faith. To see if just maybe this time we will give up on God, run away because it seems too hard to praise Him in THIS storm.

In the midst of our joy, Rob's 10 month orders (aka his JOB) are now gone due to budget cuts. SO we have about a week to figure out where he is going to work, and how we are going to make it. And I'm right back where I was, reminded that I CANNOT MAKE IT ON MY OWN. Praying and praising, stopping to listen, AGAIN!
Much love Jackie, stay firm after the joy of Homecoming in your faith. We can do it.