Sunday, February 15, 2009


"Take me to that place, Lord,

To that secret place.

Where I can be with You

and you can make me like You.

Wrap me in Your Arms.

Wrap me in Your Arms.

Wrap me in Your Arms."

have you ever sat in church, your sanctuary and been wrapped up in praise and worship and the spirit moves through you and as you sing your love song to God, you find yourself singing a love song to someone else? many times last year, while aaron was deployed, i felt this way. not that i compare aaron to God or worship him in the same. but when you truly listen and feel those lyrics, it's not only a love song to God, but many times can be a love song to your loved one.

as we sat in church this morning and last sunday, i found myself doing the same, but this time i could hold my loved one's hands. it was an amazing feeling to return to my sanctuary, my hiding place from the world all last year while aaron was deployed, but this time return with him and share the experience. we have been attending church at ft. polk, but these last two sundays we've been visiting my parents in florida. i loved lakeside victory because it's relaxed (everyone, including the pastor wears jeans), there are tons of friendly people (they have small groups each semester for fellowship), and they meet at the movie theater (they rent the south wing of the cobb theater).

the darkness of the theater was my favorite part. we, my mum, cayman and i, could attend, shake hands and meet people, but then we could also sit in our comfy reclining movie chairs and rock back and forth as we listened to the messages without being distracted or distracing anyone. i loved that i could go in, bawl my eyes out and not have everyone staring at me. i loved that i could feel like a wife, a mom, a child of God facing her fair share of challenges and not be a novelty item (the whole army wife of a deployed soldier made me a novelty in this predominately civilian town). and i loved that i could sing my love song to God, but i could also sing my love song to my husband thousands of miles away.

i find that during deployments and during non deployment times it is very important to find yourself a sanctuary. for some it may be a church, for some it may be a lake, but where ever it may be, find your love song for God, but also your love song for your loved one.

ps, take me to that place and wrap me in your arms for i just want to be me, and only me.