Friday, February 20, 2009

half way to stable

so it's been 45 days since aaron came home. so, we're half way to stabilized. it also means that we're only 320 days away from possible deployment orders again. i've been fighting in my head to keep the positive in focus rather then the negative, but it's there and it's hard to brush off because there's so much truth and possibility to it.

however, in the first 45 days, we've accomplished so much as a family. cayman and aaron have bonded amazingly! i have little happy tears in my eyes when i hear them laughing and aaron goofing off with cayman. it melts my heart! and it's calmed all my fears about the two of them knowing what to do with each other.

as far as the two of us... we've picked up where we left off some 14 months ago. still goofy and dorky as ever with each other. and well, there have been those moments when we butt heads and fuss at each other and have 'stupid' fights. but, we always make up. and well, we've always said, we'd rather have 'stupid' fights (chores, duh moments) then serious' fights (finances, faithfulness, etc). but overall, we're still that newlywed couple who give each other butterflies and say 'i love you' a million times a day.

so, as terrified as i was about reintegrating and life that could come after aaron came home, i have put my fears in the hands of God and what an amazing experience it's been so far. and just as i have put those fears in God's hands, i must surrender my countdown to aaron's next orders.

ps, i love you even when we have those 'stupid' fights.


Tyler Lynne said...

I've thought about Mirena but I think it's more effective if you have had a child. I did a little research and I think I might have to go back to the pill. YUCK! I like the convenience of not taking pills but I'd rather not have any crazy problems either. Hopefully a trip to the doc will be helpful and we can get this bad boy figured out! I'm in no way ready to be a mommy. Hope things are going well in your neck of the woods! Have a great week!

The Fishers said...

Tell Cayman I will take him up on his offer! I don't think we will get that much of a refund from KS, but its the principle. I am SO thankful everyday that Mike has the job he does. I hope you are all doing well!

The Fishers said...

Yep, Marines it is. He has always had a hard on for them, so why not right? Life is great! Job is great! We are getting ready to start IVF soon (hopefully) and that is really exciting for us!

Arizona!? That will be MUCH closer to us. We may have to make a trip over there to say hi! Of course you guys are always welcome here!

Have a great weekend!

Tyler Lynne said...

He will be arriving in Kansas City. Will I need a pass for that since he won't be on post or anything? I'm getting so stinking excited! I'm sure you can imagine! Hope you are doing well!

Tyler Lynne said...

OOH I'll have to look into that! Hopefully we'll know in enough time to get his flight info printed off. His dad is a genius at all of that, so it shouldn't be a problem. I'm really excited now! Thanks for the heads up!

Jennifer said...

If it makes you feel any better, married couples who haven't been apart and under the stressful circumstance Aaron was, still fight or quibble about those same things!