Friday, February 6, 2009

we did it!

so today, we did it! we agreed upon it, did our research, saved up all deployment and today, we made our first purchase together as a married couple. we made our first MAJOR purchase, as a married couple. we bought our new family car! meet Optimus, our new honda pilot!

we decided that we would use the money we got from aaron's deployment to buy a new family car. we sold my beloved toyota corrolla just before aaron deployed because it would earn us the most money and aaron's just head over heels in love with his intrepid. well, that meant that when aaron came home some 31 days ago, we became two-driver, one-car household. talk about limiting your freedoms. but it's okay.

today we made the transfer from our high interest savings account to our checking account and headed to the dealership. we knew what dealerships we wanted to visit and we knew what cars we wanted to test drive and we even knew what price the dealers bought their inventory at and what was a reasonable asking price for each make, model and trim of vechile.

we pulled up to the first dealership, looked around the lot and told the dealer what we wanted: an 8-person non-van vechile. oh, and it had to be blue. quickly he lead us over to the honda pilot (which we knew they had on the lot because we searched their inventory last night). after climbing in and out of the car and asking a million questions, we put cayman's carseat (who was sleeping on aaron's shoulder)in the pilot and took him out for a drive. what a sweet ride!

after returning to the dealership it was time to talk price. it didn't take long before we had the dealer saying, 'i don't want to lose your business.' so, he took us to the other end of the dealership so we could look at the 'other' car (it's like trying on wedding dresses. you know the first dress you try on is the dress, but you must try on several more just to reassure yourself). we looked, we were not impressed, we sat back down and said, 'we'll take your honda.' and so, after a million signatures, a detailing clean of our pilot and a quick tutorial on all the fancy buttons in the pilot, we drove optimus, our new honda pilot off the lot and home!

admiring his new best friend

what a great feeling to have done this together, as a couple.

ps, i love you, no matter how ocd you're being about optimus


Tyler Lynne said...

Very nice! I can't wait until we have two cars in our driveway. I suppose it isn't anything to worry about until Ryan comes home, but I do enjoy dreaming about new cars! Glad you guys are doing well!

Jennifer said...

Pretty car... I hope I get a chance to see it!