Sunday, March 15, 2009

ucmj article 134

so there is an article in the ucmj (uniform code of military justice) that in not so many words states that officers are not to fraternize with enlisted soldiers. well, depending on your definition of fraternization (according to merriam-webster: to mingle among brothers OR to associate on close terms with members of a hostile group especially when contrary to military orders) one may be left wondering why can't my best friend's husband come over for dinner?

and so, i'm sitting here too wondering, why can't he come over? i understand, if aaron is his superior and all that jazz, then yes, it might be weird. and i completely understand that if her husband happens to be a terrorist, it wouldn't be a good idea to have them over for dinner either. nor is he someone who will ever find himself in a hostile situation with aaron seeing as they don't work in the same unit. heck, the only time they see each other is on sundays at church when our two families sit next to each other and in our couples' sunday school class.

so, with that being said, why can't this 'brother' who was deployed to iraq with aaron under the same 10th mountain banner but different fob and even different unit come over for dinner, yet he can sit next to him at church and baseball games and such?

ps, i love you even if our friends can't come to dinner because you went to college and they didn't.


Heather, Brett and Annika said...

I totally understand what you are saying!

Heather (ft. Huachuca)

Anonymous said...

When in the Marine Corps during Viet Nam my Lieutenant and I double dated but we didn't tell anyone about it! In the commercial world one "fraternizes" with their superiors all the time. It is called "team building". I would go ahead, but not tell anyone about it. The UCMJ is not uniform, is not a code that makes sense, and is not just. It is military and for that reason you need to be discreet.