Wednesday, March 11, 2009

who am i?

so i was sitting in my ladies' bible study this morning and the question was proposed: who am i?

sitting here and actually all day, i have so many thoughts coming to me:
i'm a wife and mother
i'm a sister and a daughter
i'm a best friend and role model (not always the best, i try)
i'm a teacher and student (i believe the day you stop learning is the day you die)
i'm a graduate of THE university of alabama and of the university of phoenix (i have a bachelors in public relations and a masters in elementary education, now what)
i'm a social butterfly, but my husband keeps me grounded, not held down
i'm a clean freak, but i do have my lazy days
i'm a kid at heart
i'm a dork, just ask my husband
and i admit, i'm a nerd too
and a band geek
i'm a fan of THE crimson tide ROLL TIDE!
i'm a fan of the underdog too
i'm a creative artsy fartisy type, or i liked to think i am
i'm a chocolate addict (i ration out my thin mint cookies to last the whole year)
i'm an army brat (i've seen more of europe over the cross of ten years then i have of the entire usa over a lifetime)
i'm a poc for our unit
i'm a shoulder to lean on
i'm a fan of flip flops and jack johnson
i'm a sister in Christ and the daughter of an amazing person, God

now who am i in Christ?
i'd like to think i'm a role model, a leader, a strong hold, but i'd be deceiving you. i'm not a new christian, but i'm not a well-practiced christian. everyday is a new day filled with struggles for me. but everyday is an opportunity for me to grow in Christ and be a better person, a better role model, a better leader, a better christian.

that's who i am.
ps, i love you. you make me who i am