Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2 year down, forever to go

today, april 7th, we celebrated our second anniversary as husband and wife. but before we got to the 'i do,' we had to have our first date, three years ago today. well, actually, it was suppose to be on april 4th, watching the ncaa championship game at hooters. but, i stood aaron up (at least i stood him up at hooters. and in my defense, i did text him, but he left his phone at work).

i remember that friday night like it was yesterday. i was running late as usual. the first time i saw aaron in person, i thought, 'man, he's hot! at least i'll get to say i went on one date with a total hottie!' little did i know that 12 hrs later we'd watch the sun rise on the beach of mac dill afb, the same beach where we would get married one year to the date later. i remember aaron being worried that i didn't like him because i didn't talk much during the first part of our date (he took me to a tampa storm arena football game). but hey, i was in to the game. after the game we headed for channelside to grab something to eat. who knew we'd spend the next three hours in a booth at tina tapa's talking about everything. and i do mean everything. and if we didn't talk about it over tapas, we talked about it as we huddled on the deck of the seascape on the beach at mac dill. we did make our way to his car because it got cold and we were tired. but, we did awake in time to see the sunrise. and then, he drove me back to my car. and followed me out of the parking garage. a few hours later, i got a call. time for a second date! and the rest is history.

so, here we are three years later. mr. & mrs. of two years and our whole lives ahead of us. isn't it great how God's plans seem to always turn out so beautifully when you just let him take control. i can't wait to see what he has planned for us, mr. & mrs., husband & wife, parents.

ps, i love you, today, tomorrow and forever


Jennifer said...

Congrats again!

Sorry to hear about the camera and lack of pictures. But I understand, mine being broke and all.

Just think, if you tried to sit up on the beach last night you would have froze your tushies! The low was something like 47 degrees here! Probably colder with those beachy winds.

Jess said...

Congratulations Jackie! Thank you so much for all your amazing comments on my blog. I always love hearing from you. Your faith is so evident and confident at this point in your life and it is refreshing. You and Aaron are tremendously blessed with one another. Enjoy your time together and have fun church shopping!

Tyler Lynne said...

Aww that made me get a little teary-eyed. Our 1 year wedding anniversary is the 26th and I plan on eating some cake, cheesecake, a cupcake, whatever to celebrate!

I do believe working with kids is natural birth control. It really makes you want to be a better parent to your own kids (assuming I had kids). It is just insane what parents let their kids do. I'm sure you can attest since you were in the classroom. What grade/subject did you teach? I plan on finishing my degree up sometime. Hopefully sooner than later! I would love love love to get my masters in counseling too!

Hope you are loving AZ!

Jennifer said...

Tyler Lynne - The percentage of public school teachers that send their kids to private school is higher than that for parents of all other occupations! Probably just for that reason. :)

(PS - My hubbie is a high school teacher and it makes him more certain every day that we will educate our children at home. My 2 years in the classroom also support that decision.)

Jennifer said...

Oh, and it isn't really about the teachers, though there are wonderful ones out there... it's about the students and how their parents do or do not parent.