Friday, April 17, 2009


so i have to completely brag for a moment: i spent nearly 10 hours today away from my boys being pampered with a facial, massage, lunch, pedicure, steam treatment, sugar scrub, relaxing waterfalls, and a quick trip to pottery barn. but, it was aaron's treat to me after a long 18 months: cayman was born, aaron deployed, i finished grad school with a 3.92, aaron's alive date, marcus died, aaron came home, we're reintegrating, we moved 1200 miles. whew, that's a lot in 18 months.

so, as i'm sitting there in the steam cubbie with my fancy paper sheet (like you get when you go to your lady check up) i started thinking about how much i had left to do in and around our new house to really make it feel like home. and then i was thinking about what kind of mess the boys were making at the house. and then, in the midst of my back being showered with warm steam, the temperature rose and it was like God trying to shake me. here i was in this tranquil surrounding fretting over things i had no control over. and at that moment i thought, 'God, i give it all to you. if you brought me to a place so serene and tranquil, you must be re-energizing me for a reason and i can't be fully re-energized if i'm busy worrying over things the birds don't even worry about.' as i enjoyed the rest of my time at the spa, i had several nice conversations. during one particular conversation with the lady giving me my facial and pedi, i was reminded of who i am: that girl who finds the positive in everything. that girl who decides to make the most of everything.

and so, i thank you Lord for re-energizing me. for giving me rest. for letting me see that i can find myself again. for preparing me for the important things: trusting in you and loving my family. who cares if there are still books and dvds in boxes. who cares if not all the pictures are hung. who cares if the laundry is still in the drier. the birds of the field don't, so why should i waste my time worrying over the things i can't control.

ps, i love you and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to reconnect and rediscover the things i needed to to be a wonderful wife and loving mother.


Tyler Lynne said...

OOOH GIRL! A spa day sounds fabulous! I hope you enjoyed it (I'm positive you did). I probably would have had a plethora of things on my brain too. I think that's the way we ladies work. My brain is almost always a turning. I'm glad you are refreshed and ready to go. I hope you have a great week!

Tyler Lynne said...

It's so rediculous that we have to live like we do. It is a luxury but also a burden. I shouldn't feel completely depressed if I miss a call but every time I do, I cry like a baby. And I know he isn't going to have anything to talk about really. Our convos are pretty much the same since we both do the same things every day. But I hate to miss one stinking call! Grr! Eventually this nonsence will be over and it won't be a big deal if we miss phone calls. Only a few more months to go!

Hope you have a wonderful day!